Pikolo sizes are done in the European way of measurements rather than age. I found this worked a lot better as children are rarely the size for their age. In my opinion to measure a child is much more accurate & specifically tailored to your child’s growing patterns.

All you need to do is measure your child from head to heel. This gives you a general size. Then if you have a chunkier monkey or want the clothes to last a longer time with turning up cuffs – go a size up. If you’re in the middle go for the true size & If you have a skinny minnie, size down. With organic cotton you always have some shrinkage – this is about 4%. With this in mind we feel after lots of size trials that the majority of the clothes are true to size, with the dungarees running a bit larger. 

They have been designed to give a little extra for cloth bums, but not too much to accommodate all nappy decisions. 

If you are in any doubt, please contact me for help by emailing

size in cm age in months
50cm 0-1 month
56cm 1-2 months
62cm 2-4 months
68cm 4-6 months
74cm 6-9 months
80cm 9-12 months
86cm 12-18 months
92cm 18-24 months
98cm 24-36 months


measurements – approx before washing

short sleeve t shirt

back-bottom hem sleeve and from top shoulder

50cm 22cm and 7cm
56cm 23cm and 7.3cm
62cm 24cm and 7.5cm
68cm 25cm and 8cm
74cm 27cm and 8.3cm
80cm 28cm and 8.5cm
86cm 30cm and 9cm
92cm 32cm and 9.5cm

long sleeve t-shirt

back-bottom hem and sleeve from top shoulder

50cm 22cm and 17cm
56cm 23cm and 18.5cm
62cm 24cm and 20.5cm
68cm 25cm and  22.5cm
74cm 27cm and 25cm
80cm 28cm and 27.5cm
86cm 30cm and 29.5cm
92cm 32cm and 31cm

long sleeve vest

across chest, side seem and ls from shoulder

50cm 17cm . 2cm . 15.5cm
56cm 20cm . 14cm . 20cm
62cm 21cm . 15.5cm . 22cm
68cm 22cm . 16.5cm . 24cm
74cm 24cm .  19cm . 27cm
80cm 25cm . 21cm . 30cm
86cm 25.5cm . 21.5cm . 31cm
92cm 26cm . 22cm . 32.3cm

cuff trousers

outseam, inseam and across waist

50cm 33cm . 16.5cm . 16.5cm
56cm 34cm . 18cm . 17cm 
62cm 38cm . 21cm . 18cm
68cm 42cm . 24cm . 18.5cm
74cm 48cm . 30cm . 20cm
80cm 51cm . 31cm . 21cm
86cm 56cm . 35cm . 21.5cm
92cm 58cm . 29cm . 22cm

back length without ankle cuff

50cm 35cm
56cm 43cm
62cm 47cm
68cm 54cm
74cm 59cm
80cm 63cm
86cm 70cm
92cm 72cm


98cm 12-36 month sizing in pictures

I hope these will help guide you through the 98cm sizing. 
I tried the cuff trousers & dungarees on my average/ smaller size 4 year old nephew & they fit well, with the dungs being slightly short in the body. Cuff trousers having a good amount of room to grow.