more about our ethos

gender neutral

All garments are intended to be worn by all genders.
These garments should build your capsule wardrobe. Each piece can be matched with basic colours – of which theres lots in each pattern to choose from. We collaborated with Beeboobuzz plains for the new collection, but all the pieces match many wonderful colours from their range. 

organic cotton

Organic cotton uses far less water than non. Production does not involve chemicals, ensuring a healthy environment for farmers, pickers & makers  & wearers and a healthy environment for nature. It is a skin friendly, natural fibre.
Pikolo clothes are either 100% organic cotton ( 2021 collection tops) or 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane. This gives clothes a stretch which means clothes last a bit longer, but also they are easy to get on and move in. Comfortable clothes are a must!

bright & beautiful

I personally love seeing children in fun, happy prints! I have tried to design some unique prints that appeal to everyone. I want these clothes to be loved by the whole family, for many children. You can buy dungarees for your first child & no matter the gender use for the 2nd, 3rd child too. This gives the clothes longevity for your pocket & prevents unnecessary waste.

designed in the UK

All patterns & prints and designed by myself while on maternity leave. I am a WAHM (work at home mum) & love it!
With a background degree in fashion textiles I found myself having to remember the good old days & resurrect some past skills. Using this & my current job of graphic designer I formed both patterns and prints to come up with the 2019 collection. I hope you love them as much as I do.

ethically made

I knew from the beginning that the clothes must be ethically made from start to finish. From the growing & harvesting of the organic cotton to the production & garment construction. Our friends in India are passionate that the highest ethical standards are met. They have been producing organic cotton clothes for over 30 years so know their stuff!
They also have the highest level of workers rights, providing maternity pay, holidays & fair, living wages. Jabaresh & his team are amazing! read more about them and the GOTS certified factory here.

doesn’t cost the Earth

In both ways… I wanted the clothes to be as socially responsible as possible. From the materials used to the manufacturing process, to the workers rights, to the consumer and to the retailer in both monetary & environmental. 
The clothes are fairly priced in their market & consciously sold from start to finish.