five a day pikolo patches


All five fruit & veggie patches.

x1 avocado patch
x1 brocoli patch
x1 pepper patch
x1 sweetcorn patch
x1 tomato patch

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All five fruit & veggie patches.

These patches are either sew or iron on depending on the fabric you are applying to. For some denims & other materials the fabric has a coating on them which will prevent adhesion. In these cases please sew on the patch. Similarly for bags & fabrics that can not take strong heat please sew them on.

To iron: Best fabrics are cotton/ cotton mixes. Lots of heat & lots of pressure are required & you need to be able to iron the back of the patch into place. So for application to a pocket for example they might be best to sew.

Use a similar thread to sew your patch into place.

Turn iron to a high setting of 3, no steam. Place a piece of greaseproof paper or thin material on top & press down firmly for 15-20
seconds. Turn over & do the same on the back of the patch & fabric – this will likely stick better than the front as full heat is required to fix the patch into place. For small details such as stalks or leaves the tip of the iron can be used to go over those areas. If the patch lifts at any time, you can repeat as the backing is reactivated each time it is heated with an iron. We advise to secure small areas such as stalks and leaf tips with some stitches even if ironing.
Top tip. If your fabric can handle it direct heat and constant moving of the iron to adhere does work very well, but this is done at your own risk.

Where can I use these?
The possibilities are endless! Bags, coats, jackets, to name a few.
To cover holes, to pikolo up some plain clothes for older children or for yourself.

They are fine to be washed up to 60 degrees.

What are they made from? 
They are made from oeko-tex certified rayon.
The backing is also oeko-tex & suitable for infants.